Branding – creating the concept and visual identification – is an important aspect of Five Cell’s work. We build brand awareness from scratch and rebrand companies already operating on the market. We help our clients define and reach their target group. We combine interior design with visual identification: designing the name and logo, colour scheme, interior features and details, visual messages in the interior (e.g. menu board, window decals, neon signs), and style of promotional materials (e.g. packaging, bags, business cards, website). We pay attention to unique elements that build the character of a place, such as the way of serving food, menu, manner of service, shop window design and method of communicating with the client. Our solutions are based on experience of having worked on designs of all sizes and levels of sophistication. By strictly adhering to the chosen strategy, we are able to help our clients achieve success. Branding activities define the identity of the place and boost sales. A strong and coherent visual message sent to clients reinforces their positive experience associated with the brand and stays in their memory.

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