Five Cell is a unique design studio that creates bespoke architectural concepts and timeless interiors. Since our beginnings, we have designed and executed several dozen commercial and residential interiors: cafés, restaurants, shops, hotels, offices, showrooms, bars, clubs, exhibitions as well as luxury apartments, lofts, flats and houses. We cooperate with the client at every stage of creating the interior: from the initial concept, working plans and specifications, custom-made furniture and lighting design, to the cost estimate and supervision over contractor teams. We support the brand building process, from designing the name and logo to providing visual identification. Our award-winning designs are recognised worldwide and published in prestigious magazines. Five Cell’s trademark are unique ceiling structures: for us, the ceiling is an important element of a shop or restaurant, and we use inventive ceiling installations to strengthen the brand’s image and create a unique atmosphere.

Five Cell • Księcia Trojdena 11 / 113, 02-109 Warsaw, Poland • tel: +48 515 946 110 • e-mail: